Gripe Water Reviews

Does gripe water work? Which ones work better? Looking for gripe water reviews? This article is about gripe water reviews and why they differ so much!

There are so many brands of gripe water available for the consumer from Woodwards, Baby Bliss to Littles. How do you know which ones are good and which are not? I am sure you have read or heard of so many clashing reviews with some mums saying it is the best thing ever whilst some others say it didn’t work.

First and foremost it is important that you realise that gripe water is a symptoms soother. Just like cough sweets like Halls and Strepsils. These lozenges soothe the itchy and irritated throat making it more comfortable for you but they do not do anything to cure your cough.

Many  if not all forms of colic relief today are similar. They act to soothe the symptoms of colic such as indigestion and wind. They do not cure colic.

If you want to try gripe water to soothe your babies symptoms, you must bear in mind that all gripe water brands are different and because of this they will work differently depending on what your childs symptoms are.

For example, a baby suffering from indigestion will not respond in the same way that a baby suffering from constipation would when given gripe water. There can be a whole host of symptoms that your baby suffers from and this is why using gripe water to treat them is pure trial and error.

This should explain why what works for some may not work for others. To make it all even more confusing, there are so many different types of gripe water to choose from! I certainly would not recommend you go through all of them!

Gripe water reviews are unfortunately not a good indicator of how good the product is or whether it will work on your baby.

The best method of effective colic relief is to treat the underlying cause of colic!

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