Does Gripe Water Work?

Does gripe water work to cure colic? Are you wondering whether gripe water works and whether or not you should use it?

Here is a detailed discussion on what gripe water is and how it works.

Gripe Water Origins

Gripe water is a herbal remedy that was invented in the 1880’s in England. The initial use for gripe water was to soothe stomach aches. It was soon used by parents desperate to calm a colicky baby.

Since then it has been marketed and used solely for this purpose. However, the reviews on gripe water are varied and mixed.

I am sure you have come across tons of reviews on the Internet, some positive and some not. Unfortunately it is very difficult to judge the effectiveness of gripe water with these reviews. So, let us breakdown what gripe water is for and what it actually does.

Gripe Water For Colic

The main aim of gripe water is to soothe the symptoms of colic and not to cure colic-contrary to popular belief. Indigestion, wind and gas are not the causes of colic. These are the symptoms that cause discomfort to your baby but is not the cause of colic. By soothing symptoms such as indigestion and gas you will ease your babies discomfort but this will be short lived because the underlying cause is not treated.

This is very much like taking milk for heartburn after a stressful day at work. The cause of the heartburn is stress and milk will not cure the heartburn but only ease the pain. The cure would be to remove the stressful factor that is causing the heartburn.

Does Gripe Water Work?

Using gripe water to treat colic is a short term measure with varied success due to the different symptoms that a baby can present with. A baby with constipation will not have the same response as a baby with excessive wind. Although both constipation and wind are symptoms of colic.

So, does gripe water work to cure colic? No. Gripe water soothes the symptoms of colic but does not cure colic. To truly treat colic you need to treat the cause of colic.

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